A scholarshipat USC School MED. to honor my late daughter W.Gibbs. What charitable event to raise $500,000 to?

Question:My daughter; was boring a school bus when a vehicle failled to yield to a stopped school bus and struck by daughter.My daughter subcomb to head injuries and die a week later. I have a endowment in her name Wanda Michelle Nicole Gibbs at Univ.South Caroline School of Medicine . I wanted to raise more money so other Medicial Students majoring in Critical Care or Head Truma can receive scholarship toward their education. There was a bill written by ;Sen Caurson (R)and House Rep. Todd Ruterford(D) and will be reintroduce my Rep.Gilda Cobb-Hunter(D) and Sentor Lourie (D) to increase fines for passing a stopped school bus.There have been many people who have already contributed to the scholarship. I woould like to produces an event that would permently put the scholarship as a major sponcer to medicial students in the area. What would you do my yahoo friends?

Maybe you could start an Awareness group or organization that could do charitable events throughout each year. You could start by talking with local high schools about setting up speaking events at their schools to raise awareness the more people that hear your daughters tragic story and what your doing to prevent further tragedies like this the more people will want to get involved and donate their time or money to a good cause. or you could use this same idea by going to different area hospitals. If i think of anything else I update you. Nothing I say can help ease the pain of losing your daughter but I think what your doing with the money and wanting to help medical students is just...wonderful.
bake sales, ice cream in the summer under ur daughter's name

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