Are there any college loans i can get?

Question:I need a college loan but just lost my job, and all of them that i look at want two years of work. Where can i go?

Kellie gave great info about FAFSA. You can also go to your college financial aid office and they can help you get an emergency loan. My friend lost her job and did this.
Yes there are tons of student loans. Try citi bank. Stay away from sallie mae.
Walk into any Nationalised bank if you are in India. they give you a loan with no questions asked and tags attached. Up to 4 Lakhs with payment starting from the day of your employment. That is if you are looking for a professional degree. Why dont you walk into a bank and ask. if they dont agree say No in the form . you can complain to RBI if they dont accept your call.
Do you mean loans for a college education? If so, just go to the FAFSA online ( and complete it. Make sure that you have it sent to the college that accepted you (it asks you for the schools to send it to in the interactive application). The loans will be figured, as well as the grants, and sent to you for acceptance. If you need additional funds, you can contact your university and ask them for the contact number to call and request additional funding (which requires a credit check, but I don't think it requires income proof). Good luck!
Scholarship is a better way to get money for your education. There are many programms offering scholarships and government grants offering money for educatio.

Its a policy voilation of yahoo if i post any link here.
Just mail me at with subjet Money for Education. i will send a link of best website where you can find best scholarships and government grants you never heard.

Best wishes
Your other option is to get a co-signer which will take the place of a 2 year work history.
This is a pretty standard question. Without spending too much time in a financial aid office, there is plenty you can do get the process started.
The best thing to do is compare the different private lenders out there, which can be done at
Most of the rates are very similar but do a little research and pick one that you think is best. I would suggest Think Financial. The application process is very quick and easy, and the check is sent directly to you so you can use the money for whatever you want. The limits are much higher with private student loans, up to $40,000 per year. You can find out more information about a Think loan at . Good Luck.
Live in Pa? The Pa Army National Guard will give you a job, training and pay, even 100% tuition assistance. want more info? email

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