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Question:I finished High Scool in florida, my aunt was my temporary legal guardian, but now I am in New York and I want to go to queens college, I am living with my mom and she is a permanent resident here. Do I have to pay Out of state tuition fee?

Do you have a bank account, license, and voters registration in NY or FL?

Some schools require you to have that established for a year before they grant you residency.

You may want to call queens college and ask them their policy on residency. Since you aunt was your "legal guardian" that may not allow for instate tuition.

Additionally, you may be able to provide a birth certificate to qualify for instate tuition in NY proving your mom is your mom..

I recommend you call queens college for more information. Additionally, I recommend this resourceful and comprehensive college guidebook that can be purchased on to answer all of your college admissions and financial questions.
probably not, as long as you answer the question "How long at this address?" with the length of time your mother has lived there.
If you are a resident of another state, you do have to pay out of state tuition. If you graduated from high school and went to college in your state, then no. It all goes on where you finished high school. It all depends on what state you are a resident of. If it says Florida on your license, then yes, pay the fee. If it says New York, then no.

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