Are there any private student loans that accept applicants with bad credit with no cosigner?

Question:I've exhaused my fededral loan options for the year, I have no credit worthy coapplicants, not poor enough for grants... I'm trying my hands a a few scholardhip awards, but I need the money before September. I working on my credit rating but that takes a while... Any solutions/answers?... I'm thinking personal pay day loans but that would only create more debt that I don't want.

In your situation, it's better to find a way to earn more money & pay back your debts before trying for a loan. Your credit score has to go up, so you'll save a lot by getting better rates with an improved credit score.

Ask your school's Financial Aid Office for local/trustable lenders.

Citi financial and Capital one may help as lenders.

Good luck !
Yes. Sallie Mae. Go to this web site.
There are some chances.If you have a poor credit score, it is difficult to get a loan from most banks and financial institutions. Credit is usually available only at a very high interest rate.Only few companies provide loan with poor credit score.Check out link for details.

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