Anybody use financial aid for college?

Question:if you do, i'm going to college in 2 years, and i know i can't afford it. so i'm wondering what its like to be on financial aid. how much you pay every month? when do you start paying? stuff like that..please fill me in..thanks!<3

I was a Financial Aid Counselor for many years and now run a College Fair Company: Financial Aid comes in many forms:
1) Grants which you do not pay back (Mostly PELL)
2) College Work Study
3) Loans: Which you do pay back

Your High School College Adviser should have some information. If not speak directly with the Financial Aid Office at the college you are looking to attend.

I would also advise you go to a college fair this fall and speak with a variety of college admissions counselors. If you go to the web site below there is a calendar of the major college fairs around the country
Financial aid is free, it's the student loan that u have to pay back.

The details of financial aid differ depending on what college or university you attend.

You'll need to fill out the FAFSA in your senior year:

The best forms of financial aid are grants and scholarships.
Grants are given by the government based on financial need. Scholarships are given out by private organizations and the universities and colleges themselves.

If you play a sport, you should look into an athletic scholarship. Many student athletes can get their college education completely paid for this way.

If you're not an athlete, there are thousands of scholarships out there for you anyway. If you're a minority (i.e. if you're not male, if you're not white, if you have a disability, or anything along those lines) you are eligible for tons of scholarships. If you have an interest in science or math, there's tons of scholarships. If you have a GPA above 3.0, there's many scholarships for you, and if you are an active participant in community service and other extracurricular activities, there are many scholarships for you.

Here is one scholarship website:

Check with your counselor or scholarship coordinator for more scholarships. They should be able to point you in the direction of some that you are eligible for.

If push comes to shove, there are always student loans. The problem is, you'll have to pay those back. Workstudy is also an option, but it will take time away from studying in college.

Start applying for scholarships as soon as possible. It's never too early.

May God bless you.
I have it now, I go to a technical school in Georgia and they pay for everything, except for my technology fee which is $35 a quarter, and they give me a $100 dollar book allowance every quarter. None of this has to be paid back, you just have to qualify for it, if you are not married or have kids, or are a ward of the state, they will go by your parents income, so if they make too much you may not qualify.
They'll give you a bunch of loans, make sure you get subsidized loans and not unsubsidized. Just google those words and you'll know why
If you plan to go to college talk to your financial aid office or you can go online to and apply to see if you are eligible for any federal money. Keep in mind that if you are eligible it is free money that you can use for your school and you do not have to pay back. Do not worry about not being able to pay for your college many students cant and you cant imagine how many students get help from financial aid to be able to go to school. The number of students is ALOT. If you do not qualify just speak to the college of your choice and ask to see what other options there is for you. But remember do the FAFSA application first to see if you do.

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