Are there any gov. program that pays for my college?

Question:I don't have bunch of money for college, and I want to go to out-of-state college I wish to go but I don't want any loan because if I get loan, I need to pay back plus the interest. I need some gov program/plan that would pay for the college besides army programs. I heard theres program that pays for college if I decide to work for gov agency or something like that. I plan to work for gov agency when I graduate. Are any program/plan for people like me?

The government agency I believe you are talking about is AmeriCorps, which is like the Peace Corps stateside. They will provide you a stipend and a credit towards your education. HOWEVER, they give you a job, and you must work that job until the obligation is met (which can be anywhere from one summer to two years).

Beyond that, I don't know of any government agencies that will pay for your school provided you work for them, with the sole exception being the military, ROTC, which will pay for your school, but you have to give X number of years to the military after you finish.

There are many teacher scholarships, a few federal, that will pay for the grand majority of your education. The trade-off is that you must work for X number of years as a teacher after you finish. And let me be clear when I say "as a teacher", as you will either be put in a rural area (think rural Wyoming or South Dakota...I mean REAL rural) or an inner city school. One of my friends got assigned to an inner city school in Baltimore and he HATED it, almost to the point of paying them back so he didn't have to do another year. That program is called "Teach for America"; if you search it, you will find it.

Good luck!
My advice would be to fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) application. When you fill out this form you are eligible to receive federal funds for school. Like the Federal Pell Grant, etc. There is plenty of money out there the the government gives out, that you DO NOT have to pay back. Go to for more information. There are also links on that site for other sources of aid... also try or

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