A FAFSA request for information: Is it too past due for me and work study?

While filling out my fafsa (sometime in Feb.) I did not click that I was interested contained by work study (a stupid move, I know). Anyways, I was wondering what would happen if I were to jump to the fafsa website and open my old online fafsa form to change that one grill? I mean, my money has already been processed, but I know I'll necessitate a little more kaching for Spring. I don't want to lose the money I have now, but the work study would be nice. . .
So will I lose money if I be in motion edit my fafsa now since it's so close to the school year and my money be already processed?
Thanks guys!
PS- Sorry if I was redundant at all, but I wanted to variety sure I was being super clear. :P
You can find some tips about financial aid here - instruction.mypressonline.com
i dont know. but if i were you i would call the fin aid office. they should be aid to backing you. and if your school has a work study office phone up that office too. and see if its even worth the time of changing it. it only make a small different during the year. depending on how much you work anyway. Source(s): current student.

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