Advice on uni bursary grant etc etc contained by scotland?

im 22 and my parents dies 3 years ago. i live my self in the family home and have be getting income support for the last 3 years after being signed off. i am goin to university to study neuroscience. saas own said over the phone i would not qualify for a young students bursa
ry, i have no one to assistance or lend me money. does this sound right or shall i appeal? can anyone help with anything self be entitled to?
Unfortunately they are right and they will not budge.

You do qualify as an independent student though which means you can get the same amount as you would enjoy done BUT it would all be a loan and not a bursary which means you will have to pay envelope it all back. Your fees will still be paid. My brother is anyone treated as an independent student and seems to be getting enough money from SAAS to survive. Source(s): Many arguments myself with SAAS something like support I believe I was due.

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