How long after man awarded a pell allow should I expect a check?

After getting a letter detailing the amount of the pell grant and tuition, how long should I wait for the check, or is nearby a part of the process I'm missing?
after getting my FAN in the communication i havent received anything.
I did have to sign it and accept my direct loan and also go online and read and overhaul a quiz on loans.
so after all that i'm hoping to get mine soon
I know with my arts school the school receives the money on 4 set dates throughout the year, respectively time they receive money they have 3-7 days to disperse it. The first installment I'm getting should be given to the school on the 28th I think, and I'll probably bring it about a week or two later. I'd contact your financial aid department and ask them when you can expect it.
(a) my school it's 4-6 weeks after the semester starts, but you can use the money to buy books, laptops, and supplies ahead of time.

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