14 College Credits, OK?

Hi, I'm in college right now. I'm currently suposed to recieve 17 units/credits for this semester but I want to drop my English 101 class. It's just too much to feel right now. It's worth 3 units so if I dropped it I would only hold 14 is that OK? I plan on transfering schools as well at the end of the semester so would it look fruitless if I dropped it? The work load is stressing me out. My toher classes aren't difficult but require my time as well and if I continue beside English I will struggle to keep up in them as well. I've tried to do it adjectives but I'm buckling. Advice??
14 is a full load. You should be ok near the transfer thing. When in doubt consult to your schools counselor/advisor. I would think better to drop one, than have it bring adjectives your grades down.
You should be fine because 12 credits is typically the minimum required to be considered a full time student. Depending on when you drop it, it shouldn't look too bleak. If you are allowed to "drop" the class, then it won't show up on your record at all (they will hold no idea you signed up for the class). However, if it's too late to drop the class you may have to "withdraw" which does show on your narrative. It shouldn't be viewed as a negative though.
If you drop a class within the first month you usually don't get penalized for dropping
You shouldn't be overwhelmed beside 17 credits, I, at one point was taking 21 credits and working part time. If you withdraw from the class, you're eventually going to hold to take it, right? So why not take it now and catch it over with? You're already started in that class, it would make sense to keep hold of going...Plus it looks like you need to be taking English 101 *tougher*
If you've discussed 17 credits as part of your verbs plan with the college, you have to stick to it. Seventeen credits requires a lot of time and try to complete successful no doubt. I would say, contact an admissions counselor at the institution you will be transferring to and inquire about what consequences there may be with dropping one class and how this might affect your declaration of guilt (because this is dependent on the coursework you complete upon transferring). Talk to a counselor at your college's transfer center as well. Source(s): personal experience as a transfer student and experience as a School Counselor

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