19 years weak on unpaid apprenticeship course. Am I due any income support?

I'm 19 years old and taking an unpaid plumbing apprenticeship course. I am at college 2 days a week and on voluntary placement 2 days a week, working 4 days in total. Am I entitled to any income support or benefits or will I need to win a weekend job as well to get any income?
Apprentices, by statute need to be paid at least lb95 per week. If you are a modern apprentice and you are not getting compensated, this is illegal.

If you are completing work experience as a requirement of the course then technically you are a fulltime student and entitled to associated benefits.

If you are completing the work as a volunteer, in your own time, you may also know how to claim.

the best thing to do would be to contact your local job centre who will be capable of advise you or check out the direct.gov website

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