40 years mature and no qualification?

Well the title says it all
I am 40 years old and i enjoy no official qualifications. For the past few years I've be working for local job agencies, making minimum wage and getting laid off and having to look for the subsequent job in the next factory

My husband have tons of experience in interior house renovations, but no official qualifications, and he can't speak english especially well

I am aware that in France,they have secure schools and training sites, for people like me, where on earth they train you for a certain profession and they pay you a minimum wage for it while you are learning and later you look for a job, with your earned qualification

i own 4 kids to upkeep so I really need to step up and do something whilst im am still at a reasonable age

but i dont know what or how, the more help the better
appreciation in advance
It's hard to provide you advice without knowing anything about your skills but you are right to focus on this in a minute before it is too late.

Also you don't say where on earth you live so it's hard to know what local resources are available to you. So here are some possibilities

You could go to a local college where you will be capable of do a sandwich study and work course. Take a look and see what appeals to you.

You could train as something like a nurse or paralegal.

You could take a look at the offerings at the Open University They have tons of students approaching you. Some arrive without even a single GCSE. They start very gently so at hand is no expectation of prior knowledge. This would be the best way to build your confidence but it is an academic a bit than vocational path so you would not have a skill to offer the world, newly a degree to be proud of.
hi with what you have said i would conjure there are loads of free courses out there for women just approaching yourself and also your partner that you can do part time or even from home if you have access to a computer. I like yourself have nothing on "paper" so started by going to the local college one evening a week for four hours and now hold Level 2 in Counselling skills. I am 48years behind the times so go for it and good luck you'll be amazed at the support.

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