A credit card moral for a college student?

ok well i applied for a Chase Credit Card and they rejected me..where else can i apply for a credit card(preferred a Master or Visa) pls help me out i want to stat building credit..also im a college student..any counsel?? where to apply??
you should apply for a student credit card discover have a good one and so does visa
be very careful! credit cards are the WORST way to build credit and can go and get you in a lot of trouble very like a shot. I would recommend skipping the credit card all together and focusing on better ways to establish your credit such as a small loan to be paid off over time (even a student loan you can start paying immediately). If you are determined to find a credit card then Capital One would probably approve you for a small amount (and within a few months that amount will increase, you will be tempted to spend more until you can't even brand the payments). There is a reason everyone says to stay away from them, they are basically a passageway for banks to steal your money while you legally are bound to pay anything they tell you to (penalties for late payments or missed payments can be astronomical). I urge you to reconsider your strategy and try a different avenue. Source(s): personal experience
Try a student credit card site called findcollegecards (google it). It has a ton of cards built for students approaching you. Give it a shot, and see what comes of it.

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