10,000 dollars to attend community college?

I have recently enrolled within a community college, because I could not afford to attend a university. I thought that this would be much cheaper because you only have to pay per credit hour at community college. The other light of day however, I was sent a bill that says my account set off is 10,000 dollars! I am an in state resident and am only taking 12 credit hours and the cost is 79 dollars per credit hour. I am also receiving a Federal Pell Grant for the maximum that I can attain. So I am wondering if anyone knows where exactly a 10,000 dollar fee might come contained by? Thank you!
you need to speak with the ASAP! That's impossible. I'm going to community college and I'm taking 13 credits and my tuition is in the region of $1000. Good luck!!
You'll have to ask the population at your school. They're the only ones that can give you the specifics on your description.

I do know, however, that community college has higher rates for people outside the community college nouns. There's "in district", "out of district", and "out of state". That still seems very dignified for one semester at a community college at any rate. Here, our out of district tuition for two years is less than that!
79 dollars per credit hour is only around 1,000, not 10,000.
Perhaps you are reading it wrong (you are reading your Pell grant amount - that is in actual fact a CREDIT to your account and not a debt) or someone has made a huge mistake.

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