Can I still grasp into a college lacking applying for scholarship?


I'm not sure what you mean. Do you mean "Is it okay to go to college minus applying for scholarships?", do you mean "Can I afford college if I don't think I'm going to carry any scholarships", or do you mean "I want to go to college, but I don't think I'm interested within applying for scholarships"?

Scholarships are an optional form of financial assistance for college. Students apply for them because they are free gifts of money that do not have to be repaid. If someone was offering you a free payment of money to help you buy a car, I suspect that you'd want to find out how to get your share, but you can definitely buy a car without asking for the free money - and you can certainly turn to college without applying for a scholarship.

If you're not already aware, college is a very expensive proposition. A really cheap university, like your local community college, will probably cost you a few thousand dollars a year to attend, and the textbooks, alone will run you several hundred, if not a thousand dollars or more. Your local state university would probably cost you going on for $8,000 - 10,000 a year or more, and a lot more if you wanted to live in the dorms and buy food, and a private college could confidently cost you $40,000 or $50,000 a year for 4 years - more than $200,000 in all.

That probably explains why a lot of kids are looking for scholarship.

I'll tell you what - it sounds like maybe you haven't have the opportunity to learn a lot about how college financing works. There's a great booklet that will detail you all about that stuff, and it's free, and online. You can't question the source, because the book is published by the US Department of Education, and if anyone know anything about financial aid for college, these are the folks - after all - they're the ones that provide the vast majority of it.

Read the booklet, and you'll swot up about the free money that's available, the loan money that's available, and the jobs that are available to help you and your parents repay for you to go to college. You'll learn what's out there, who is eligible and how to apply. If you don't know this stuff, and you don't pinch advantage of the help that's available to you - you're only going to know how to afford college if you and your parents have a lot of extra money lying around.

Good luck - I hope this helps! Source(s):…
You can attain accepted, but it depends on if you have other ways to pay for college. Fill out the fafsa to see if you're eligible for federal and/or state grant and work study (if you're interested). You will be eligible for federal student loans by filling out the fafsa; however, there's a maximum to how much you can use per year ($5,500/dependent freshman). If your school is more than that, then you will enjoy to take out private loans (difficult without income and excellent credit) or pay out-of-pocket on a sum plan.

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