16 starting college have need of loan !?

im 16 and ive just started college , problem is im doing a legal secretairy course and i really need a laptop for it as mine broke a few months ago, i also inevitability to buy some sutes/smart clothing for work experience at xmas and also my tenency is coming to an end so i really need to get some benevolent of loan or even a bank account that has an overdraft . does anyone know what a 16 year ripened in south ease england could do ? thanks
Sorry... sounds approaching you need a job or help from domestic... try a selling cosmetics... fun and fast money
I am Joy Anderson i was in stipulation of a loan of $100 000 USD and was scammed by those fraudulent lenders and a friend introduce me to Mr John Clarke,and he lend me the loan without any stress,you can contact him at clarkeloanscompany12(a)yahoo.com

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