"Student loan citations contained by process"...How long does this give somebody a lift?

I applied for a stafford loan on September 3, and I checked my loan status today, and it said "application complete- certification in process" How long does certification transport. I started school around the end of August. I received pell grant, but it be not enough to cover everything.

Certification of a Stafford is a very simple process - the lender contacts your school and verify:

1. That you are currently enrolled

2. That you are attending at least half-time (registered for 6 or more credit hours)

3. The amount of your unmet "financial aid need".

Your school will describe the lender how much you need to pay your school expenses - they determine that by taking into consideration any other money (like that Pell Grant) that you enjoy already received. That's the maximum that the lender can actually approve you for.

This process doesn't take more than a few days - assuming that your financial aid office is restructured. If you've been waiting more than a week, contact the aid office, and ask them to investigate the delay.

Good luck to you!
Check the financial aid officer at the college . That is the hold up.

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