32 year outdated return to college?

I am broke, married, two kids. I have a horrible job making $6.50 an hour. I have no model what I would even do? I want to help people and I want to be mentally stimulated in my day by day job. What kind of "tests" or "entrance" things do I have to do to run back to school? If I have unpromising credit will I even be able to get loans? Are there still such a item as grants? I'm spinning my wheels, worried about rent, at my wits expiration. Suggestions? Thanks.
You can absolutely return to college.
Because of your situation, your best option is a community college. Most community colleges have an "unambiguous admission," meaning that they will accept anyone. You will enjoy an entrance exam to determine what classes you need to start with - for example, you will take a oral exam in mathematics to see what class you need. Most college require at lowest possible college algebra to fulfill a math requirement, and if your test is low, you may start with regular algebra to work up to college algebra.

There ARE special grants or loans designed specifically for low-income families. You would be considered a "non-traditional" student, both an advantage and disadvantage. But, the age and circumstance group is growing in community colleges, so you won't be alone!

Many roomy banks offer "open" student loans - student loans are regarded surrounded by a different light than regular debt. Your best bet is an open bank - gist ANYONE is granted a loan. Stafford and unsubsidized Stafford loans are most often dispursed - Stafford loans are set at 6.8% interest rates, interest does not accrue while you're in school. Unsubsidized Stafford loans hold a 6.8% rate as well, but interest will accrue while you're in school.

Pell grant are generally for low-income students. You do not pay them back.

As for scholarship or any other programs, they are relative to the school you choose. Many programs offer one-time scholarships (meaning they're just for one semester) if you meet certain requirements, but, because you're returning to school, you may not qualify for scholarship right away. If you maintain good grades the first year, academic scholarship open up like crazy.
Some colleges offer programs within exchange for service or fulfilling requirements - for example, my previous school offered tuition assistance in exchange for maintaining a 3.5GPA and fulfilling 10 hours of community service per week.

Because you're at a minimum wage mission, you might also be interested in work-study programs - you get a job (usually minimum wage) on campus, and the senate will pay a certain amount of tuition (depending on your income level). Your on-campus job will be constrained to 20 hours per week and is limited to full-time students.

My best advice is to pursue your associate's degree - this is freshly fulfillment of general education requirements. This gives you time to try-out out different departments and decide what you want to specialize in - and not waste time and money within classes you may not need should you change your major.
Many CC's proposal online courses - great for parents!

The only way to truly find out options - ring up your local community college! Call the admissions department and ask - explain your situation. They will connect you with the financial aid department and the process of applying.

You will have a six month grace extent before you have to repay loans - so when you graduate or drop below half-time, your grace period begin.

Again - call your local college! Find out!
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