Questions something like student loans and housing?

I am 22 years old and still live with my parents. I am thinking about going stern to school this year. My work is an hour away and the school is right around the corner from work, so I would like to catch housing. But, the school is a Technical school that doesn't provide housing, so it would have to be bad campus. I have no idea how these things go, I in recent times know I will not be able to grants or most likely lottery money because my parents cause to much money and I still live with them. So what exactly is financial aid, is this something I have to pay vertebrae, or something the school gives you depending on your income? Also, how should I go nearly getting loans for school and housing? How much money should I expect to get for housing? And any other information you can give me will be lots of give a hand before I go talk to the institution. Thanks so much!
As a first year student (having less than 37 credits) you will be eligible for up to $5500.00 in Federal student loans each arts school year. You can use that money for tution, books, whatever, so use it wisely. This is only if the scientific school you wish to go to is approved to use Title IV funds (federal financial aid).

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