I m 19 year elderly guy and I dropped out of college and hold no interest within anything?

I like sports. I am 5'4 and thin and grasp tired easily. I can't imagine myself sitting within an office in front of a computer. Even though those job pay a lot. I dont wanna flip burgers any. I am too week for the labor jobs. Are there any job in sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis for relatives like me?

Answers:    Try communications (be a sports analyst or one of their publicity coordinators) or maybe trainer or physical dream therapy assistant. That way you can work with sports minus having to actually play them (which wouldn't work for you as you said you catch tired easily). With both there's some amount of "desk work" but I think you'll find that in almost any profession. None that I've planned are school intensive though they do require at least a two year level.
Try asking an admissions counselor at your local community college. They can give you other concept based on your interests and abilities. Not to mention that going to a community college will aid save you quite a bit within student loans later on.
Good luck!
Why don;t you check around for Sports Management Firms? Maybe you can get an entry stratum position with them and work your way through the ranks.
similar to you,i have no career to choose,but unlike you,i despise sports,i'm so confused.Can i make friend with you?
Yeah, why don't you vote for Obama. That style you can just sit on your rear cease and wait on the money he and congress will steal from us working people.
Yeah, the janitor who cleans up after them. Get your butt put a bet on into school and study.
why not a gym teacher or athletic trainer thoughs are apt active jobs involving sports
Massage psychotherapy.you could work for any sports team...they all own their own...and they make damn good money!...jump for it!
Get a degree and work for a sports team.
you find tired easily, your too "week" for labor..but you want a job within sports?

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