What does my Fafsa EFC number tight-fisted? What might I return with for it?

Ok my fafsa efc number is 04304. It's such a low number. Is that good or bad? I can distribute more details if needed, but would rather not. But roughly how much help will that grant me?

Answers:    EFC stands for "Expected Family Contribution" So the number 04304 means your family should expect to contribute 4,304 dollars. This probably funds your family doesn't have plenty money to pay for college so your college should give you more financial aid. I did enjoy a friend in the past who have a EFC of 0.
that is your estimated family contribution and yes when it is lower it is a devout thing you are able to be offered more financial aide if your domestic cant pay for alot. I dont know how much help it will pass you that depends on how much the school was given

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