1.6km...How long?

Question:Roughly, walking at a normal pace how long would it take to walk 1.6km?

it's about a mile so 20 minutes
20mins aprrox
If you've got long legs like me 15 mins
1.6km is roughly 1 mile and most people take between 10 and 20 minutes to walk a mile. The average, therefore, is 15 minutes. (But I bet I'd take 20 mins!). :)
Average walking speed is around 5km/hr, therefore it would take (1.6/5 * 60) = around 20 minutes.
24 minutes on level and dry ground
l'm a fat lazy ~'#==-*!^*, so l'd probably use the car or send the missus haha.
seriously, l had lower back surgery last august and am still having problems walking any distance over 100m even with a stick.
l'd like to think that when everything is as back to as normal as poss l would be looking for a time of around 20-25mins

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