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Question:Which do you feel has more impact in a job search, the resume or the interview?

In the sense that you won't get your foot in the door to have an interview unless your resume is acceptably professional in appearance, probably the resume. However, the interview probably has more to do with whether or not you get hired.

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The interview. I have seen many people with very little in their resume get a job over more qualified applicants simply because they did well in their interview and were able to talk their way into a position.
The interview definitely. However, it will often take a good resume to get you an interview. So... which came first the chicken or the egg. I've done a bit of hiring in my career and the interview will make or break most candidates!
The education
I'd have to say the interview. Employers don't hire paper, they hire people. If your resume is good enough to get you in the door, make sure the interview makes the employer believe they need you.
the interview.

The resume gets you in the door
The interview seals the deal

You can fill your resume w/ garbage if you like (though you shouldn't b/c you'll be found out quickly), it's your attitude, dress, style, confidence.that gets you the job!

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