40 or above points for the IB Diploma?

Question:Has someone had between 40 to 45 points for the IB Diploma? I'm sixteen and I'll take my exams in November, and I just wanted to know how you did on school days and weekends to deal with the homework, how much you studied before the exams and the help you got. I want to obtain a good grade. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

I am sorry but I took my exams in May so I don't know my score yet. The only exams I took that were similar to yours was the Bio exam which I took at the HL level and the English HL exam. I studied for about 15 hours for Bio and about 6 hours for English. I was sick during study leave so I mostly crammed the night before. I didn't really go to teachers for help. I had the Bio bible which is Allot's book. English was all about looking for key passages/lines that could be integrated with any essay. In terms of school days and weekends, I just set my priorities. I did a ton of extracurriculars being the editor of two publications and president of three clubs. I put all of my energy into one task then moved on to another. That included homework as well. I recommend turning off MSN if you want to get some sleep. I averaged about 5 hours of sleep a night.

Anyways, buena suerte and good luck. You have some time before your exams. Start studying now and do it little by little if that is your style. Create a schedule and stick to it. Maybe review a chapter of bio a day as well as a chapter of math.
I miss high school sooooo much

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