A london monument is marked as - MDCLXVI what does it represents?

Question:plz tell that what does this represents..

Those are Roman numbers : M for 1000 , D-500 , C-100 , L-50, X-10 , V-5 and I equals 1. In your case the date on the monument is 1666. Take care.
This is a date in Roman numerals. It means 1666, I think
I believe it s the year of 1666 written in roman numbers
It means that it was erected in 1666.
It marks the spot the great fire in London started in 1666. The year 1666, in Roman numerals, is written MDCLXVI. More information is found on the website listed below.
1666. M=1000; D=500; C=100; L=50; V=5; I=1.

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