9th + 10th + 11th + 12th grade curriculums?

Question:Does anyone know what is being studied during these years in North Carolina schools? Subjects, lessons...

I've been out of school for a few years but here's is what I recall for your major subjects:

English: 9th grade = general grammar/writing/literature. 10th grade= World literature. 11th grade= American Literature. 12th grade= British literature.

Social Studies: 9=Civics, economics, politics. 10=World History. 11=U.S. History. 12=elective, usually Geography or an AP History.

Math: course in your grade depends on your math level upon entering HighSchool. General math<PreAlgebra<Algebra I<Geometry<Algebra II< PreCalculus<AP Calculus

Science: depends mostly on what math level you're at, but usually it goes like this: 9= Earth Science or Physical Sci. 10=Biology 11=Chemistry 12=Elective of Physics, Anatomy, Environmental Science, or an AP course.

Foreign Languages: depends...urban counties tend to offer more options than rural ones. Almost all offer spanish plus another language (often french). others found in NC would include german, latin, japanese, chinese, russian, etc.

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