6th grade graduation speech?

Question:here is a speech i wrote for 6th grade graduation any corrections mistakes or details to make or ad stuff to it plz tell

Graduation Speech

I’d like to start my speech today by thanking the superintendent Dr.______, our principals _______and Mrs.__________, our teachers who got us up here today and our parents, family, and friends who are here on this very special day to watch us Graduate. I remember my first day here at ________ _____, unlike most of you, my first day wasn’t in kindergarten but it was in 6th grade. I walked into a school that I had gotten lost in 4 times. Someone I really didn’t know walked me to my classroom; the first thing that I noticed when I got in there was the weirdest desk, and classroom that I have ever seen. It was pretty hard to adjust to this new school the first 2 weeks, just like my gymnastic classes. At first I had no friends, nobody I knew, and new things all around me. It was so confusing no social studies in school, no just doing cartwheels in gymnastics, no recess after lunch, no breaks after doing flips, confusing words in both gymnastics and school that I didn’t know what they meant. I learned later on what all these things were, and what these words meant to do. I thought this would all be to hard for me but it was nothing like I imagined. A round off is basically the same as a cartwheel except you land with both feet at the same time instead of at a different time, and intervention was just going to another classroom and learning more. Over the months that I spent here; I made friends, and got adjusted to my surroundings. When we advance to the next level and go to the middle school it’ll be just like making the pre-team in gymnastics and advancing from beginner to level 4. There’s a lot more work involved with all this including new surroundings, new faces, and maybe even new friends, we’ll have lockers 9 different teachers and new stuff to learn. When advancing to the pre-team we’ll have new friends to make, new tricks to learn, and a much higher level than we had before. The point that I am trying to make is that know matter what courses life takes us through we can all get through it. It doesn’t matter if we think we can’t because we can. Congratulations class of 2007 we finally made it, we went through the courses 6th grade took us through, now it is time for us to go through the courses that 7th grade will take us through. No matter what the situation is we’ll get through it.

great speech i suggest u use other examples instead of sticking to the gymnatics idea but good pace and concept

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