9/11 experience?

Question:How you found out?
How it impacted you?
How you felt?
How you feel now?
Any life changes?
Anything else regarding this subject?

I was watching Good Morning America when the first plane hit! I was thinking to myself.what idiot would hit a tall building? Then the next plane hit the other tower.My heart skipped a beat! I knew we were under attack! I feel like America is not invisible to pain anymore.our safe haven is gone! I feel soooo sad for those families and friends that lost a loved one..I try to take a moment of silence everyday to think and say my thankyou's for our men and women who are trying to protect us.some things are worth fighting for! And, although there are people out there that do not approve the war.we need to show support for our troops who are risking thier lives for us and our country!

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