A levels or an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is almost a guarantee of a future job with the company you are training with (or one similar) if you perform well. So you can be earning quickly and often accelerating up the career ladder very quickly. It seems that for most trades (e.g. electrician, carpenter, plumber etc) experience is far more important than qualifications. However, if you ever decide to change your career path then A-Levels will look a lot better on your CV than an apprenticeship. A levels show that you have the ability to learn and have your head screwed on properly. It is usually very difficult to go on to degree level without any A-levels and degrees give you the opportunity to work in pretty much any industry you want. You may start off earning less than someone who has done an apprenticeship but the prospects of earning 'mega bucks' i.e. hundreds of thousand is a lot higher with some academic jobs (e.g. aerodynamicists) earning as much as a million or two. The sky is the limit with a degree and these can only really be had with a-levels
What do you want to do with your life?
Whats your choice?
Depends on what you want to do.Where I work on the railways a craftsman earns about £37,000 basic and much more with over time and he can get promoted to earn more
If you are able to get good enough a-levels to get into the top 20 universities, go for A-levels.

If not, get an apprenticeship.
if you want a vocation, or a trade go for the apprenticeship. If you don't mind study - go for the A levels. It's hard to give advice without knowing someone - only you know what you are best at. Money and a trade are a great life, but education at a higher level has so much to offer. There is no guarantee of employment even with a 1st class honours degree. I know people with lowly jobs and excellent degrees. And I also know some very wealthy tradesmen!
can't really answer this question without knowing what you would like to do/achieve

if you can give us more details i'm sure we can help

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