A daycare lady didnt let a little girl have her desert cause she didnt finish her food and then .?

Question:after nap time she gave all the kids a scoop of ice cream and only gave the same little girl half and said that she wont get a full scoop cause she didnt finish her lunch earlier.
she actually punished her twice with food.
what should i do?

while the child should have had some sort of dicipline, thats a little unfair and I'd suggest speaking to the boss or owner about their dicipline policy
I don't think that lady is doing the right thing. Food is not supposed to be used as a reward or denied as a punishment. Talk to her supervisor and see if the daycare has a policy on discipline.
tell her shes a ***
are you her mother if you are you should tell her off -Nicely but then tell her boss.
first of all...you spelled desSert wrong
second-she deserves it??
If I were the parent, I would agree. If she is hungry for snacks she should be hungry for lunch. She will be a chubby kiddo if she eats only snacks. My 3 yr old is the same way. Hungry for juice not lunch.
most likely if this keeps going on i would probably report what she is doing but i would suggest to go with your gut feeling
She must be the only girl who didn't finish her food!!& it's the lady job to do this!!so she's right!!
Change the daycare !
How dare the daycare lady make that decision...single out that little girl as a bad kid. She should speak to the parents about this before she does that kind of thing.
Hmmmph ! Gets me angry.
well... the thing is, when it comes to discipline, children are stubborn... let's say she just didn't want to eat it... then it's about the fact that that is all she had to eat, and she needs to learn as a child (because we all grow up to be picky and greedy) she has to eat whatever she can to survive... so she's trying to teach her a lesson by showing her that if she doesn't eat her lunch, she can't have dessert... without actually starving her... don't worry, at least she got SOMETHING in her stomach, so she'll live...

now, if the little girl was full, and the teacher didn't understand and was a heartless b---... well then that's just wrong and you should report her and hope she looses her job for not being responsible and for torturing an innocent...

it's up to the circumstance... you decide
If this is your child then you could talk to the daycare lady and let her know that it upsets you the way she is dealing with your girl. Or if you want to drive the message home talk to her supervisors without talking to her first, and of course the supervisor will give the daycare lady hell since daycare centers are always loosing people due to client dissatisfaction.

But really it's just ice cream. I can understand why it upsets you and your child that she isn't getting ice cream while the other kids are, even if she didn't eat her lunch. Daycare places 'try' to establish a healthy atmosphere, but that should be the parents job to establish such standards, not the daycare. But the concern should be more about the daycare trying to do your job for you rather than justify your girl being deprived of ice cream.
Oh no! Oh no!
Someone call the Snack Police!
Get a life.

One reason is not enough.

Give five reasons. Joking#

Forgive and forget.

Did the worker have the authority to punish her with such a
harsh repremand as that? Do the parents give such authority
to the workers to punish the children in such a manner? Years
ago when I was out of highschool, I worked in a childrens
home. That was before there were daycare centers. Most of
the time, the children did not finish their food. And we never
attempted to punish them. And we always gave them dessert.
I would think you'd have to ask this question of the person
who manages the daycare, and learn what the rules of con-
duct are for a worker who supervises the children. If the
womans' conduct doesn't fit within those guidlines, then
the manager should inform the worker of her breaking the
rules of conduct. I would think the worker would be informed
by the manager, that she should refrain from any futher
mental abuse of any child in the facility, or be terminated.
what r u exactly to that little girl?
its up to the parents to reprimand their children the only kind of power that person has is to talk to the kid or put him in a chair in the corner but it is possible that the child could become hungry after lunch. it really depends on how parents reprimand their children maybe it is the parents fault letting get away with stuff like that at the child's home but still that woman should not have the power to do that to th child unless she is related to the child but you should tell her off after you speak to the manager of the joint.if it was my child it would probably check if any of my family members could watch the kid and I would warn or tell the other children's parents about the situation.
If it is an extra snack that is not part of the regular meal, I think it is fine. If it is used as a reward it is fine. Withholding a reward is not punishment. I have Fabulous Friday each week. It is something that is extra that the students must earn. If they don't earn it, they will not get it. A special snack is part of FF.
The daycare lady was very rude and she shouldn't of punished her twice! If there is anything you can do is to talk to the lady in a respectful and nice manner. She thinks she is doing the right thing but being cruel to the child. Everyone needs food but not always treats. When i am baby-sitting my sis's i do punish them toys and food but remember....food isnt a privlidge but treats are. Again talk to the daycare lady and talk to the liitle girl and tell the liitle girl treats are earned but be kind to both the lady and the child as if u are doing the right thing.
that is so unfair. i think one may have been okay, but two food punishments for one offense to a little girl?!?!!? tell her she's awful
Talk to the lady tell her you don't think that its right to punish a child like that just because he/she didn't finish her dinner
request a copy of the discipline regulations for the daycare
it is prohibited to use food for punishment that is cruel.
cps can investigate this for it is licensing violation.

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