0bama will not tolerate me see his arts school files. I don’t want him pumping my kids or discussion to them. Do you?

I don't even talk to clerks in stores without seeing their birth tag first!

And PUMPING causes Liberalism, AIDS, SARS, MRSA, Swine Flue, and Trade Unionism. CURSE PUMPING!! BAN PUMPING! Source(s): pumping is so hot....=x
No I don't. He has proven to be a complete lier. First off he was supposed to fix largest street in his campaign promise and is fixing wall street. As a matter of certainty he has done the opposite of everything he has said so I don't want my kid to grow up thinking it is ok to fib.
Michelle's nickname for him is Pumpsky, according to Ellen.
Only in America could a poor Indonesian Muslim rise to be President.
Not me

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