(any teacher out here? aid?) I necessitate to know whats a fitting book for study language rules and writing skills.?

I need to find a book where I can learn to modernize my grammar and learn how to write a better essay.I feel so dumb. I enjoy terrible grammar and sentence structure.I struggle to write essay and any paragraph really.My Information is all strewn.
You're far from dumb by asking for advice!

A great site to go on is www.skillswise.co.uk

Once you get in that, choose 'literacy' and then 'grammar'. You can work your way through different exercises. You even have games to relieve with sentence construction, punctuation and spelling. It's a fun way of doing it.

You can also be help beside paragraphs which will help with your information and lend a hand you to form a logical order.

Good luck! Source(s): English/literacy tutor
im not a teacher but this one helped me like mad last year...
write source

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