!STRESSED OUT..help out ME!pLEASE!!?

Well i just graduated from high conservatory and i'm not attending college,but i'm very interested in joining a dental assistant program..it costs about $3,000..is this worth it?..it this a virtuous career path?how much does a dental assistant make surrounded by orange county/California?
Most schools that charge 3,000 won't get you impressively far. Its a good start but you need to have a long occupancy career goal first so you can align your short term goal to. You will probably start at about 12/hr. Your better off becoming an RN or an LVN if you want to be in the medical grazing land.
What do your local work ads look like for dental assistant? Plenty of jobs? check online errand sources, too. Do you like scraping gunk off people's teeth? Try it on your dog or elder brother first. Or even better, visit a local dentist office and ask if you can interview or observe the dental assistant for a jiffy.

Ask a college to give you a career placement test. It will serve you determine what you have interest in, what you have talent for, etc. Just because a university advertised well and offers you training doesn't mingy it's the direction in which you want to go. What interests you? There are free online tests, too. Or the elevated school guidance office may be able to assist you. Junior College advisors are very helpful. If thinking about dental arts school is making you stressed, maybe ...
U can make 12$ an hour
Is a good career path? Probably not. Is it a flawless job? Sure.

You're not going to get rich or even moderately wealthy doing it but it might rate the rent for an apartment.
GO FOR IT. 3000 is a good price for a career thatll cover it within 3 weeks. plus its in high demand

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