"It Is Said That Image Shapes The Way We View Our World"?

I am conducting a speech discussing how true this statement is.

What do you think about this statement?

I would greatly appreciate if you could all facilitate me brainstorm some ideas to talk about within my speech. A good definition for image, your personal opinions roughly speaking image and any other thoughts or discussion points you think would be good, It is a impressively broad topic and has a lot of depth within it to consider, for in that is a wide variety of types of Image, eg. Body Image, Self Image, and so many more.. etc. etc.

I'm trying to focus on underneath points to build upon to make my thesis strong.

I am currently working on a mind map to get my philosophy out on paper, and would love any tiny thing anyone contributes - they will all engender a difference and will be deeply appreciated!

Thank you in advance.
when i read the quote the first article that came to my mind was like when you experience something surrounded by life for the first time, only then do you really twig what another person is going through.
for example i used to think that people who be depressed and thought suicidal thoughts were just weird and didn't know how to appreciate life span but it was only when i experienced depression for my self that i realized its much more serious and it hurts much more than what populace think and now i fully understand. and that happen with basically everything, i've learned to be more compassionate and listen to others more after i go through depression myself. i learned to be more patient with family at restaurants after i worked at braum's ice cream and dairy store this summer. i've learned that thank you and just a simple smile or a nice comment can really turn someones light of day around because many times my horrible day turned brighter whenever someone thanked me for my work, smiled or give me a nice comment. so now i always do the same for others because you never know when someone isnt feelin devout, you can make a big difference in someones day and even someones life span.
or idk maybe even when you're just living life and you see someone thats disabled or is contained by need and you realize how thankful you should be for all that you hold, sometimes it can even bring deep sadness within you as you realize adjectives that you take for granted each day. later i guess you can literally say that what you just saw (image but i suppose it can be anything heard read etc.) changed the style you view things.

sorry i made this so long just got for a while carried away hehe.
not so sure if its what you were lookin for but i really hope it helps
Good luck on your speech! :D Source(s): my 17 yrs of life :D

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