"polysyndenton(s)" within songs?

a list or even if you just know one song or so with polysyndentons contained by them...please! thanks! (i need to make my presentaton attractive so this should work!)
There's the old hymn "In the Garden", whose chorus begins
And He walks next to me,
And He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own,

In the musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", the song "Book Report" have Lucy filling out her word count by enumerating the vegetables in Mr. MacGregor's garden -- connected with roughly 35 "and"s.

The fundamental theme of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" hammers on the many colors beside a similar polysyndenton.

Tom Lehrer's "Elements Song" uses "and" more as a rhythmic filler, but might do for your purposes, besides catching the science geeks (guilty as charged) in your audience.

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