Which A smooth should I drop?

I am unsure what A level to drop, at AS I got:
Biology: B
Psychology: B
English: A
Chemistry: C
I am also unsure what course I want to do at university, although I want to do something science based

please sustain :)
Psychology is the lowest useful one for what you want to do.
If your after something science base then definitely don't drop Chem or Bio. After that it's purely your preference of subject.
Why don't you have a look at some university websites and look at courses that you might be interested in. You don't have to prefer what you want to do but by looking for what you might want to do, you can get an idea of any subject requirements you'll need. The one that stands out to me is English but in attendance might be something you'd like to do that relates well to English, and it seems you're exceedingly good at it.

If you can't decide in the fall, drop the one you enjoy the least. You're more likely to do economically in a subject where you feel more motivated.

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