09-10 Schedule - how to settlement near the stress of classes!?

OK here is my schedule for the first trimester of my sophomore year...

1. World History

2. Psychology - trying to be switched out of b/c i signed up for entry level psych. and this is advanced.
3. Spanish III

4. Biology

5. Algebra

Ok, that's the schedule. I'm gonna try to switch out of psych. for resembling a computer or art class. But all the other classes I have are super hard! I hold them like all in one and the same trimester.
PLUS, the scheduled my 2nd trimester wrong because 3 of the 5 classes are electives (photography, intermediete art and web tech). AHH! That would be like a blow-off tri for me and consequently the other tri's (1st and 3rd) would be super hard!! My mom is trying to fix it (she emailed the princaple and is trying to be in contact with him to redeploy the schedule) so I hope it can all be fixed. I just don't want my sophomore year to be all screwy, you know?!
I'm sorry. I merely needed to vent to somebody. I know what alot of you are thinking..."i have bigger problems than that, grow up" but i'm scared.
Even if i do get psych. switched (which i own faith i will) to an art class or something, the academic load is still pretty generous. Any tips on how to manage all that HW and studying for math, science, spanish 3 and history?!?!
I'm a good student. I get all 4.0's last year with the exception of one 3.5 contained by my last trimester of geometry.
I just need encouragement! Thanks.
If you prefer to email me, me email is rebeccakost(a)yahoo.com
Wow! Given the 4.0's and the 3.5 tell me that you are a rather capable person and would probably put you surrounded by honors level classes to begin with.

Taking Psych at the HS rank is not like taking it a the college level but will help you to recognize more of the human behavioral whys and why nots than your piers that do not take it. Which will probably aid you in the long run.

Also, it looks to me that you are college bound and will do well surrounded by the above schedule. While swapping an elective class with a core class will ease your nouns now, it may harm you in the long run.

I aspiration you well.

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