"Yes" or "No" or "I don't care" (high schoolers prefered)?

Do you think it is embarrassing for your mom to go along next to you to orientation day? -Sophomore
No, its not embarrassing to me and Im a senior this year.
lol nope i am a junior in high arts school and a coupple days ago we had 2 go and find out our classes and all that well-mannered stuff and her and my 11 year bro went with me lol it was nice they help me carry books and things a couple other kids brought there moms with them
can u plez follow this association and click on the egg http://dragcave.net/user/amandaleann
Umm...no..i love my mom..i dont care...i used to surrounded by middle school...and steven G..is gay...
Well my dad actually goes with me and it's no shameful. Mostly cause he doesn't say or do anything much.

My mom, well that's a intact other story.

I guess it's because moms talk more than dads. Source(s): Senior in high academy
alright dude, im from the bay san fransisco and sh!+? you know where thats at? and im not gay like the rest of these *******...i certainly am mexican. i have hella friends...my mom went with me...it truly helps alot....and just think almost it this way fool. umm, if your friend takes her mom...you couldnt care smaller amount right? so yeah.
No, your mom just want to know what's going on with your lofty school.

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