Hours on work/work experience per week during full-time studying/school?

What do you think should be the average hours for students to spend on work/work experience per week?

Answers:    I would say almost twenty hours./
Most work-study programs only allow a maximum of 10 hours per week...But if you are not in a work study program, it is completely up to you. I worked adjectives throughout high school and university...within high school, I worked a maximum of 17 hours per week, and this be quite a lot...although my results didn't suffer, I felt like I didn't own any free time. During university, I worked around 10 hours per week. I felt that this was a defensible commitment, as I really didn't want to burn out during school.

Even if you are in financial call for, don't over-work during school. Get a loan, or apply for scholarships. Everyone tell me that I have the rest of my life to fashion money - remember that you only live once, so make sure you own time for yourself and friends and family!
If you want to be a success, as much as possible, scholarship is the one thing no one can bear away from you

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