If someone tell u they r individual abused it is critical that u know wot 2do.chronicle 2 things u must not do or speak?

help im don my ldq course

Answers:    must not say y u doing what u are and must not utter stop doing what u are but the best thing is the phone ur big bro part and adjectives probz get salted how thay should old institution fist and dont put up with it if u aint got a big bro phone up me 07510748247 because i hate ppl men winds me up promis unwell salt it for ya but god bless cuz u need it
If you know that someone is self abused it is a responsibility to report it. You can do it anonymously no one has to know who did it. If you can't do anything right away speak to someone you can trust for proposal.
you must not:

offer suggestions, such as "your dad touched you, didn't he"

interrupt when the person is conversation.they might not continue the conversation.

hurry the person. Let them cart time to speak.
i dont know 2, but i DO know that you MUST NOT promise not to tell anyone, as if you are working in a professional dimensions, you have a duty to report it.
You must not force that person to transport any action that hey dont want to take, or notify anyone else about it without their assent.

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