Shall i choose to philosophy or psychology??

for my a levels (year 12)

i am interested in both and i really can't opt on one.

i have already taken maths, chemistry and biology. i am going into medicine.

if you did any of those subjects put in the picture me a pros and comns of it.

Answers:    Do a little reading contained by both subjects and see which one you like better./
I never took Philosophy, but I did take Psychology. If you are going into pills, that might be your best option.

Not only is it a tremendously interesting field, it is also part of Psychiatry, another medical area. Understanding a person's psyche, past, and mental processes can help you as a doctor to construe your patients' illnesses, and help maintain their well-being.

It is agreed and documented that a person's state of mind can actually make him/her sicker or well again... Preparing yourself in psychology will really help you become a better doctor, and a better entity!
I never had a philosophy class, but I had several psychology classes. I approaching psychology; it's a very interesting subject. I'd rather through in it than I would philosophy.
i think psychology is more interesting, and since adjectives your classes sound fairly logical, it would be easier for you

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