Where contained by Macomb County, MI can I swot how to reupolster my couch?

I want to do this myself, but I don't know how. Can anyone offer some help, please?

Answers:    that's the county that be in that famous book, "How To Kill A Mockingbird!!" that book be great...

Reapolstering my Couch:
I did this quite easily. Make sure you manifestly have enough yard goods...only mistake I made, but since my couch is against a wall, it really didn't make a difference, moved out the back part mostly uncovered. What I found works economically is a staple gun and a wooden spoon. My couch has alot of places to tuck in the material so there was no sewing needed. Just tuck and staple where on earth you can. My cushions are fixed to the couch, so I got a new piece of foam, but 2 together so it be thick enough and put the tentative material over the entire length and then purely tucked it in the sides and back. When it come to the front of the couch, I made sure I used the factory edge of the fabric and of late brought it down to where it was even near the floor. If you don't have a good circumference, then just turn the couch over so you can bring the textile under the front edge and staple where on earth you can find a spot. Velcro also works here if you don't have anything to staple to..the self-sticking kind.

Go to the material store and find some really cheap fabric like a $1.00 a courtyard (usually you won't need more then 10 yard if there is no pattern on the fabric) Then you can play next to it until you get it where you want, next go and get the cloth you want to use and you will already know what to do.

Best to do the arms first. Look at the project in sections, arms, form cushions then the back of the couch.

Trial and error, but if you newly remember to tuck and staple instead of thinking about sewing all those corners and curves you'll be OK.

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