About LNAT?

Question:I recently found out i would have to set an exam called LNAT to apply to university, if anyone has done the test or has any information about books i need to prepare myself for the exam i would be very greatful.Any infornation about ucas would be good to.

hi try this site


and good luck
LNAT is an exam for students wishing pursue law in certain universities in UK such as Cambridge, Oxford, Notthingham, UCL, Kings, Bristol, Birmingham etc.

You should visit the lnat website. You would be able to see a sample paper and the website also provides sources for reference. Basically you need to read british newspapers, media etc.

There are 30 multiple choice questions and 5 essays of which you would have to answer one. The essay you have written would be sent to the university that you have applied for, and they will mark the essay and decide whether you qualify or not.

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