A question about bad grades and college?

Question:Ok. I'm about to be a junior in high school and my past two years I've been slacking. I've slid by with C's and D's.

This year I'm going to really apply myself. And I'll apply myself senior year, too. Theoretically I want to make high B's but aim for A's.

I know most four year colleges still probably still won't give me a second glance, but I'm going to go to a technical college for two years and get most of my main classes out of the way. If I do a good job there, do you think a college would accept me?

yes, absolutely. i took this same path. i didn't do a very good job in hs and went to a community college, then transferred to purdue university. make sure to take classes that will transfer! don't take crap that is wasting your money and your time. if you are looking to transfer and not graduate with an AA, then take your english 101,102, college algebra, intro to biology, psych, sociology, etc. these classes will transfer and you should get credit at your 4 year school. take the SAT and retake it if you do poorly. since you know you will be going to a technical college, don't rush to take the test. get a book, study, wait a few months and do well on it. be prepared! start looking for 4 year colleges ASAP. this will keep your focus while you are at community college. make sure you have a plan and keep with it otherwise you will find yourself staying 3-4 years at community college or getting kicked out. find 5 nice 4 year schools and look up their transfer requirements. be sure to file your FAFSA and do everything with financial aid way in advance. look at their colleges that they offer for your major. print out some requirements for your major at a 4 year school and compare them to your requirements at your technical college. this will help in planning for classes to take. also email 4 year schools often to make sure everything is going smoothly and you aren't missing anything. good luck
If you get outstanding grades at a two-year college you definitely could be admitted to some colleges but probably not the most prestigious ones.

Go for it! I have seen lots of students make vastly better grades once they have become motivated, and it looks as if you have.

I wish you the best of success.

If what you mean by a technical college is something like DeVry or ITT Tech, then no, that won't help you get into a college. If you want to go on for a bachelor's degree, you would do far better to go to a community college, do well there, and then transfer to a four-year college.
As long as u can make the grade then u shouldn't have a problem.
if you do good for the rest of your time in school and really apply yourself in a junior college, you can get accepted to a 4 year university. no doubt about it. if you work and then later want to go back to get a higher degree, they will still accept you.

you should've thought about that sooner.
I would do as best as you could and try to get high SAT scores. And apply where you want senior year. Guidance councilors say that junior year is the most important year that admissions look at because you understand what's going on and what you need to do to get by, but you aren't a lazy senior either that is just doing what they need to get by. Also, expand your extracurriculars and jobs/internships so you'll be well rounded. And when you write your essay for college, I would explain the two years and why you did and why you changed. That way they know your potential. I'd say just try your best. You can still get into private schools and state schools as long as you bring your grades up.
Apply yourself to your homework, class work, tests, and projects.

If you go to class everyday and put forth the effort and come out learning at least two or more things than when you first started that class. then you have suceeded in learning something from that class. It's all about how you think you are doing in school.

Don't ditch but most of all enjoy yourself. Employers don't look at grades in classes. It's what you know and where you apply yourself. They do look at attendance, if you attend school and didn't ditch then you are more trustworthy than the ones who did.

Good luck
as long as u do well in the tech. college
"neniaf" is 100% correct. Worst thing you can do is go to a "technical" college if it is not accredited. Far better to go to community college (and do well), then apply the credits to a 4 year degree.

And don't count yourself out. You probably won't get into Harvard, but if you do as well as you hope, then you do have a good shot at a four year institution, especially if in your essay you describe what turned around for you, how and what you realized at the end of 10th grade that made you apply yourself to academics. Colleges love that stuff. No reason you could get into a fairly decent college.
I know someone who has the same scenario as you do. You want to retake those classes with the D's at summer school or during the regluar school year for a better grade. It is a great thing that you decided to improve upon yourself. Do not doubt yourself about the 4 year colleges overlooking you. As long as you keep improving yourself and challange yourself then you are fine. Colleges have some personal statement component so you can justify why it happend and what made you change yourself. Since you are going to a technical school your grades over there does matter. You can still apply to a 4 year college if you do so.

Back to that person I know. Her grades slid and she made a combat her Junior year with her grades and involvement in the community and at school. Last fall she applied to 8 colleges and she got accepted to all of them( including Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for engineering).

Don't let your past discourage you. As long as you keep making improvements, you do not need to worry!!

Good luck!

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