About education of diplomats in the United States?

Question:Hello, everyone! Can somebody suggest the university/college/academy where the future diplomats get educated? I've been looking everywhere I could, but it did not help...I wirte my course project on education in the United States, particularly on foreign affairs... Can somebody help me, please?

While the US does not have a single school that produces the bulk of diplomats or civil servants (like France, for example), the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University is a department that is known to send a high percentage of graduates (at the undergraduate and graduate - M.S. - level) into government, and the state department in particular.

After Georgetown, some of the "elite" universities (Harvard, Princeton...) tend to produce the next greatest share, as well as other universities in/around Washington DC, though American diplomats come from any number of universities.
In the US, the field of study for most people interested in Foreign Affairs is called Political Science. Here is a link to the list of schools offering these courses:

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