^^^Please tell me.!! I wanna major in CHILD DEVELOPMENT. how long will it take?

Question:But please only answer me if you know enough information about it.

Do you think its a good idea? I wanted to major in Psychology in general, but then thought that i like working with kids only.

Can i just get a degree in that (CHILD PSYCHOLOGY) by only college.? My counselor told me yes, in 2 years. Is that really possible? Oh and also, if i finish in 2 years, do you think i will find the kind of job that will also have good sallary and how much?
Thanks a lot for your answers. :-)

You can get a child development degree in two years, but to be a child psychologist will take you much much longer. A psychologist has a PHD...you're talking at least 8 years.
normally it takes nine months!!
EVERYBODY has psychology degree, they are a dime a dozen. and since so many people have them, then that means the salary isnt that good. Often psychology degree majors become teachers or special ed. If you want to be making alot of money with an undegrad psychology degree then you have to go to law school or Med school.
Look into social work.

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