A quick way to earn money while studying at college?

You might be able to find tutoring jobs locally. Many people will pay up to $25/hour for provate tutoring (in cash, even) for you to tutor someone in high school, particularly in subjects related to SATs. You can also look for jobs with Princeton Review or other test preparation companies if you did well on the test.
Sell your plasma, you can do it 2x a week, earning on average $20-40 per visit. You could probably study while your there
Selling plasma is a very popular thing for college students to do, but it's dangerous. If you sell plasma too often, it can reduce your resistance to diseases that you've had vaccinations for ie hepatitis. If you just need some quick cash, try selling some things you don't need anymore on ebay, or sell some of your gently used clothing to a second-hand store. Otherwise, find a part-time job.
Sell drugs.
be a waitress

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