A Community & Technical College?

Question:How do you figure out the likelyhood chance of getting a job based on what you're going to school for? Just because tech. schools, community colleges, have programs, does it mean that you're darn sure to get a job afterwards based on what you went to schhol for? Where, how do you figure this out first, before you decide on a place and program?

That's the truth!! I suggest doing research in the field you are considering to study for. Look at job openings for the career you are studying for and see if what the qualifications are, and whether or not there are a lot of job openings. You could call prospective employers hr departments or email, and ask if the educational program you're considering is respected by them or not.

I went to a JC for medical coding, it took me a year to get a job. Although there is a high demand for medical coders, all employers, hospitals, etc. wanted experience -- NO exceptions.

I couldn't volunteer anywhere, got an internship but they wouldn't let me do any real work and did not hire me afterwards, etc.

Good luck

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