A question(s) about medical school.?

Question:How do you find medical school? Financial, Personal, work hours, etc. How do you find it?

ANd how much does it cost?

You can get a lot of information about how med school works in the USA by looking at the website of the American Association of Medical Colleges. AAMC

They have links to all the different accredited med schools, so you can check out all the different schools you want to apply to, including fees and information about loans, etc. And, there are some links to chat groups where you should be able to get a good answer to your question.

Good Luck.
If your asking this question you are obviously doubting your choice.

Before you go into any career path you must know your own personal traits only then will you be truly fulfilled

Think about what you imagine a really good doctor should be like. Is this you ?

If you have what it takes in your heart to be a doctor you wouldn't worry about finances, work hours etc. you would be doing what you love, what you have been created for and would be excited that you have found your calling in life.

Alternatively think about what you are good at. This is your reason for living and will lead you to your destiny.

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