A educational question about sociology and human services?

Question:What is the differences between a sociology degree and social work degree?

I have a choice between two universities. One University has a sociology program and the other one has a sociology and human services program. I know people major in sociology who wants to go into social work. I am just wondering If a company chooses one over the other one. I am thinking the person with a Human Service degree would get a job before the person with the degree in sociology because it's more about social work/human services job. Sociology is a broader field. I need advice please.

The two fields though being somewhat related are different professions. Sociology deals with understanding big systems and social problems. Social work deals with working with social problems as well as psychological problems. It is a practical rather than a research degree. A degree in human services is one I'm not familiar with (usually only hear about this at the AA level). You would be much better off going to a university with a BA in social work if you want to be a social worker. The BSW is the most respected BA degree in the human services because it is accredited and has a good internship. You might really want to look at another university. DA
It depends on what you want to do. I have a Ph.D in sociology and my discipline is demographics. I would not think of going into social work as my concentration is demographics even though my degree is in sociology. If social work is what you wish to do then by all means follow that route. There are plenty of programs out there. You can major in sociology for B.A. and then for graduate school get enrolled in a Masters of Social Work (MSW). Most social work jobs require an MSW. Should you want to go the academic route then I would suggest going on for a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) or more commonly a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D). Most places if they are concentrated in a specific discipline will of course take one over the other. It is all dependent on what you do. I hope this helps.

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